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To promote Adam Sandler's latest movie, Sandy Wexler, we partnered with Netflix to create a global UGC contest where Hollywood hopefuls could audition for a chance to win a walk-on-role in Adam Sandler's next movie on Netflix. We created a microsite to host the content/submissions and enlisted six YouTube Influencers to spread the word and serve as judges. 

I'm not going to lie, this concept was recycled from an idea I had 8 years prior also involving Adam Sandler and his movies. I told the client the only way we're going to pull this off is if Adam gets on board and we have one helluva prize/incentive. AND, it's gotta be easy to enter. Luckily, we pulled it off and then some. In just under 2 weeks, the microsite received 400K+ visits and 2400 video submissions resulting in $1.2M in EMV and a Digiday nod for Best Multi-Platform Video Campaign. 

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